пятница, 9 ноября 2012 г.

Letter to Welly

The real one, was sent today
the old remote is to the left,
the ugly new is to the right
Hello Welly and probably goodbye. What happened to the Welly that I knew several years ago? I bought your impreza in 2007. She had spring forward chassis, proportional steering. After that purchase the brand Welly became a symbol of quality for me.

ugly new remote
Today I've purchased another impreza by Welly and Man TG510A truck and what I see? Where is the proportional steering, spring chassis, button for light control? What you've done with the impreza's remote control - it's ugly thing with four discret button instead of fluently controls!
I planned to make Miniatur Wunderland (google it) based on your production but now it is impossible!
Radio control become so ugly (while on your site it's the old type), scale of truck (was said 1:32) and scale of impreza (was said 1:34) are very very different.
Your production become commonplace consumer goods? No more attention to detail (radio control, chassis, scale)?
You've disappointed me so much that I haven't any words...